Greater Boston Grows, Boston MA

Klein Hornig serves as pro bono counsel for Greater Boston Grows (GBG), an educational organization that runs community gardens in South Boston, MA, particularly in conjunction with a Boston Housing Authority housing project.  To date, our primary role has been assisting GBG with its incorporation as a Massachusetts nonprofit and its application to the IRS for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status, which involved helping GBG articulate its purpose, form a board, and draft a set of policies and procedures.

ONE DC’s Hotel Jobs Campaign, Washington DC


Klein Hornig provides pro bono representation to ONEDC, a Washington, DC-based community development organization, in connection with its Hotel Jobs Campaign.  The campaign is working to secure over 500 jobs for low- and moderate-income DC residents at the DC Convention Center Hotel, which expects to open in 2014. To this end, our attorneys are assisting ONEDC in its ongoing negotiations with the local government, the Marriott Hotel company (owner of the Convention Center), and local labor groups for the creation of a DC Citizens’ Job Program.

Falls Church Housing Corporation Merger, Virginia

NHP Foundation

In this merger between the NHP Foundation, a national housing development nonprofit, and Falls Church Housing Corporation, a Northern Virginia housing development nonprofit, Klein Hornig was joint counsel, acting as an honest broker to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding and assist with the requisite corporation amendment, voting and filing procedures.  The merger allows NHP to incorporate affordable housing into its portfolio and utilize FCHC’s considerable experience while giving FCHC access to much-needed resources to expand its mission.

Maryland Affordable Housing Land Trust – Advisory Services

Maryland ABCD Network

The Maryland Affordable Housing Land Trust Law allowed the establishment and operation of land trusts in the state of Maryland. Klein Hornig was asked by the Maryland ABCD Network, a nonprofit comprised of local community development nonprofits, to provide its members with education and legal services in connection with the new law.  As a part of this work, our attorneys are helping one member establish the first affordable housing (community) land trust created under the new law.