Yachad and Klein Hornig Work Together to Repair DC Home

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On June 6th, lawyers and staff from the Klein Hornig DC office participated in a service day with YACHAD, a DC-area nonprofit dedicated to preserving affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods by mobilizing local volunteers to assist with housing restoration projects throughout the metropolitan DC area.  The Klein Hornig DC team worked on a home of a long-term Anacostia resident and spent the day fixing drywall, painting, and assisting with various flooring and carpentry repairs.  The day was a great success – albeit a tiring one! – and the KH team was able to help the homeowner make a significant dent in her list of needed repairs.

For more information on YACHAD and their mission, as well as a list of local volunteer opportunities, please visit their website at www.yachad-dc.org.