Voting Matters: Increase Voter Engagement Among Low Income Housing Residents

Klein Hornig is proud to support and participate in a two-part training series targeted to landlords and affordable housing owners to help Get Out the Vote (GOTV) in federal, state, and local elections. The series will be hosted by the Virginia Housing Alliance (VHA) in partnership with Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing. While the training focuses on organizing and/or participating in Get Out To Vote (GOTV) drives within low-income housing communities throughout Virginia, the lessons to be learned will apply across the Nation.

The first half of the training will be a one-hour webinar on Tuesday, May 8th where participants will be able to learn how to connect with non-partisan organizations to engage in GOTV efforts. The panel features Klein Hornig partner, Teresa Santalucia, who will provide legal advice on what types of civic and advocacy related activities in which non-profits can engage.

Other speakers include, Melissa Bondi (Enterprise Community Partners), Victoria Bouret (National Low Income Housing Coalition), Jose Quinonez (Arlington Partnership of Affordable Housing), and Kim Phillip (Arlington Chapter of the NAACP).

The webinar will be followed up by a more in-depth panel discussion on June 14th from 9:30am-11:30am at the Westin Richmond as the pre-Luncheon Forum at Virginia Housing Alliance’s Annual Awards Luncheon.

For more information on this webinar or to register, please click here.