1417 N Street NW Cooperative, Washington DC

1417 N Street Northwest DC Tenants Association

1417 N Street NW Cooperative is an 83-unit limited-equity cooperative located in the rapidly changing 14th Street corridor in Washington, DC. Klein Hornig initially represented the tenants of the building when they acquired it under DC’s tenant purchase law with an acquisition loan from DC’s Department of Housing and Community Development. Our attorneys then helped the co-op close on multiple sources of public and private financing to address key capital needs. Simultaneously, Klein Hornig worked closely with the co-op’s board and residents to complete its conversion from a rental property to a housing co-op. All 83 units in the co-op are currently affordable for low-income households and will remain permanently affordable for moderate-income households.

Pomeroy Lane Cooperative, Amherst MA

Abodes, Inc.

Pomeroy Lane Cooperative in Amherst, MA, is a 25-unit development serving adults with mental and physical disabilities that was originally financed with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.  Klein Hornig attorneys worked closely with Abodes, Inc., the project’s nonprofit sponsor, to arrange for the repurchase of the limited partners’ interests and then to close on new financing to address the co-op’s significant capital needs.

Pollin Memorial, Washington DC

Enterprise Homes, Inc.

Pollin Memorial is an innovative mixed-income, mixed-finance public housing development undertaken to replace the former Parkside Additions housing project in Washington, DC.  The project combines 42 public housing rental units with 83 market-rate homes – all financed with a mix of conventional debt, public housing capital funds, and financing from the District of Columbia.  In addition to the usual challenges, our attorneys created novel community association documents to address the competing needs of the for-sale and rental owners.

Sawyer Hill EcoVillage, Berlin MA

Sawyer Hill LLC

Mosaic Commons LLC and Camelot Cohousing, LLC – two dedicated groups of families and individuals – utilized MGL Chapter 40B, the Massachusetts anti-snob zoning law, to build two adjacent cohousing communities with 68 units (25% of which are affordable) on a 65-acre parcel in Berlin, MA.  Klein Hornig represented both entities in forming a joint venture, acquiring land, obtaining financing, and navigating a complex development and permitting process.

Fensgate Cooperative, Boston MA

Fensgate Cooperative is a 46-unit mixed-income, limited-equity co-op in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston, MA.  Klein Hornig attorneys played a key role planning the Historic Tax Credit syndication of the property in the mid-80s.   The firm was asked to structure an "exit strategy" and refinancing to retire the investor limited partners’ interests and return full ownership to the co-op residents.  The co-op continues to thrive and serves four tiers of residents – market, moderate income, low-income, and very low-income households – all of whom are members of the co-op.