Klein Hornig is dedicated to developing
and preserving affordable housing and to revitalizing communities with legal solutions that are smart, efficient and durable.

We serve clients ranging from local CDCs and housing authorities to national developers and syndicators. Our clients’ projects pose multiple challenges, from combining novel financing sources, to navigating regulatory pitfalls, to solving difficult "dirt law" issues. At Klein Hornig, attorneys approach legal challenges with a broad perspective and are able to access nationally respected expertise within the firm for particular issues.

We understand that technical expertise alone is of little use unless effectively delivered and usefully integrated into a client’s decision-making process. We know that our services are of value only when they translate to better housing and community institutions built more efficiently, and Klein Hornig attorneys have the skills to help our clients accomplish this. Our lawyers know when to create and apply a cutting-edge solution, but they also know when a tried-and-true answer would be just as effective and more efficient. We know when to assert our client’s interests aggressively and when to seek common ground.

Klein Hornig lawyers never lose sight of what we and our clients are working to create – not paper, but affordable housing and community institutions for real people.