Klein Hornig Attorney Moderates VAHCDO Panel

On Thursday, April 27th DC partner Aaron O’Toole moderated a panel sponsored by the Virginia Association of Housing and Community Development Officials (“VAHCDO”) entitled “Stretching Your Resources – 9%-4% Twining, Land Value, and More.”

The panelists discussed financing structures that maximize resources including an in-depth look at combining a 9% tax credit project with a tax-exempt bond and 4% tax credit project (9%-4% Twinning), the incentives for using such structures, their impact on VHDA QAP scoring, legal and financial complications, and business implications for managing the projects. The panel also looked at leveraging the value of land and creative uses of operating subsidy, soft debt, and local contributions.

For more information on this panel or the VAHCDO 2017 Conference, please visit www.vahcdo.org/conferences.