Klein Hornig and HAND Co-Sponsor Training Event

On Thursday, April 6, 2017, several Klein Hornig attorneys presented on panels as part of the HAND training program entitled, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of HAP Contract Renewals, the RAD Program and the 202/811 Program.” The training featured various topics including both introductory and advanced sessions.

Please use the following links to view the full PowerPoints presented by Klein Hornig attorneys as well as other industry professionals.

Introductory Training on Section 8 PBRA, HCV, PBV and TPV –– Presented by Emily Blumberg & Jed D’Abravanel

Introductory Training on HUD Multifamily Programs for Elderly Personal and Disabled Persons (Section 202 and 811 Programs) – Presented by Ben Funk and Mo Smith

Introductory Training on Public Housing and Public Housing Redevelopment – Presented by Chris Hornig and Eric Herrmann

Advanced Training on Section 202 Preservation Refinancing – Presented by Patrick Sheridan (VOA), Cindy Bridges (HUD), Elizabeth Arteaga (HUD) and Daniel Ehrenberg

Advanced Training on The Good the Bad and the Ugly of Section 8 PBRA – Presented by Stan Houle (HUD), Zoe Weinrobe (JCHE) and Steve Niles

Advanced Training on Strategic Planning for RAD Conversions – Presented by Tom Davis (HUD), Shelynda Burney Brown (CPDC) and Chris Hornig

For more information on HAND trainings, please visit their website at www.handhousing.org.