Klein Hornig Housing Alert – January 2019

HUD Shutdown Already Impacting HUD-Assisted Housing and FHA Loan Closings.

By: Stephen Niles and Jessica Cassella

The stalemate continues. The partial shutdown of the federal government, affecting HUD and several other government agencies, is now in its 19th day. Approximately 95% of HUD’s employees nationwide are now “furloughed” – meaning that they are legally prohibited from working on HUD matters. In addition, while HUD has “excepted/intermittent” personnel that are required to report to work during the shutdown, they are only supposed to work on certain types of critical matters such as those affecting life or safety. Given how difficult it is these days to find anyone at HUD for guidance on the shutdown, we have summarized below some “highlights” of the limited information shared in recent days by HUD, and some affordable housing industry representatives, relating to the shutdown’s impact on HUD’s rental assistance and FHA loan programs.

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