Klein Hornig Attorneys Present at NLHA Seminar

On Friday, October 20th DC partners, Steve Niles and Eric Herrmann participated in a panel discussion entitled, “HAP Contract Issues and Opportunities” at the National Leased Housing Association’s Fall Seminar.

Steve moderated and Eric presented on the panel, which focused on transferring HAP contracts between projects, dividing HAP contracts for on-site redevelopment, Section 8 pass-through arrangements, and new requirements for HAP assignments and consolidations. Eric’s presentation also highlighted recent Klein Hornig transactions involving HAP transfers and bifurcations. Steve and Eric were joined on the panel by Walter Wynn, HUD’s Acting Director of, Field Asset Management and Program Administration, and Jennifer Larsen, HUD’s Acting Director of Asset Management and Counterparty Oversight.

For more information on HAP contract issues, please contact Steve Niles or Eric Herrmann.