Klein Hornig Attorneys Present at NLHA Fall Seminar

On Thursday, October 29th, Klein Hornig Washington DC attorneys, Stephen Niles and Eric Herrmann presented on two separate panels at the National Leased Housing Association’s (“NLHA”) Fall Seminar in Washington DC.

Klein Hornig partner, Stephen Niles, participated on the panel entitled, “Section 8 Renewal Guide Changes: A walkthrough of the recent guide revisions including the most frequently asked questions.”

DC associate, Eric Herrmann participated in the panel entitled, “Transferring and Merging HAP Contracts: A look at HUD’s clarified guidance as well as best practices from seasoned professionals.” Eric’s panel focused on “Section 8bb” and HUD’s ability to transfer project-based, Section 8 rental assistance from one project to one or more other projects.

For more information on the 2015 NLHA Fall Forum, please click visit their website at www.hudnlha.com.