Klein Hornig Attorneys Present at 4th Annual Housing Credit Conference

On Wednesday, September 21st, Klein Hornig attorneys, Erik Hoffman and Henry Korman presented on two separate panels at the Virginia Housing Alliance 4th Annual Housing Credit Conference in Richmond, VA.

DC partner, Erik Hoffman participated on two panels entitled, “Pitfalls and Potential of 9-4 Twinning to Stretch Limited Resources” and “Seller Take Back Bonds for Tax Adverse Sellers.” The panels focused on 9-4 Twinned projects – two projects on the same or adjacent site that may share some facilities, but are financed separately and on structuring a sale with a seller take back loan that uses tax exempt bond financing and qualifies the project for 4% credits.

Boston partner, Henry Korman presented on the panel entitled, “Implementation of the National Housing Trust Fund.” This panel focused on the impact of the National Housing Trust fund and the process, timeline and purpose of the new federal funding to be deployed in Virginia.

For more information on the 2016 VHA Housing Credit Conference, please click here.